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Feels like the Maldives, Luxury H Island in the Thousand Islands

Have you been to the island in the Maldives? The Maldives has become a trending hotspot for travel. Every resort lies on its own secluded private island, where swaying palms fringe coral lagoons and pale blue water lap sugar-white sands. The Maldives is considered one of the beautiful romantic destinations in the world. However, going to the Maldives can be an expensive trip. If you happen to live in Jakarta, Indonesia, there is another option for island traveling. H Island is an island located in the Thousand Islands in Jakarta, Indonesia. For traveler island lovers and beautiful beaches domiciled in Jakarta's capital city, the Thousand Islands can be a destination. The Islands initiated by the government as a particular economic area or Keke also have the beautiful H or H Island island like the Maldives. But it's not just beautiful and similar to the Maldives, the island of H is also very luxurious and private. It is known that the original island H has the name of the Cent

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