Water Sport Activities

Jakarta Yacht Club offers many water sports activities. Whether you are scuba divers during surface intervals, a family with children or a group of friends, water sports activities will allow you to explore the ocean near Jakarta, covering both sea and air. As you know, life in the ocean revolves around the gorgeous warm water of the sea. From a casual exploration trip by kayak to fighting to stay balanced on a great big yellow banana. Of course, don’t forget scuba diving or snorkeling! There are plenty of ways to be entertained during your vacations with Jakarta Yacht Club.

Water Sports Activities to Enjoy Underwaters:
Scuba diving, the queen of the water sport activities.
There are many reasons to go scuba diving. It is a way to escape the stress, the routine, and even the effects of gravity. When you plop into the big blue, you are finally exploring the 70% of the world that you have never seen before. Therefore, there are many things to discover, even more, if you are scuba diving the Caribbean waters.  Fascinating coral reefs, astonishing marine life, and sunken treasures are there waiting for you.  So, when are you learning to dive?

Snorkeling, another option to enjoy the colorful Caribbean coral reefs
Meanwhile, you can visit the sea snorkeling. We are not only talking about snorkeling from the beach, but also about enjoying snorkeling on the most amazing coral reefs in the blue natural lagoons of Jamaica, Dominican Republic, and Riviera Maya.

Every morning and afternoon Dressel Divers’ comfortable snorkel boats head out for an amazing snorkeling adventure. Following our guides, you will have the opportunity to see all types of coral and colorful fish, stingrays, octopus… Also turtles!

Water Sports Activities to Enjoy While Sailing the Sea:
Windsurfing, a refreshing and relaxing activity.
A combination of surfing and sailing, this is Windsurfing. It incorporates two exhilarating water sport activities in one great experience. If you’ve got a good sense of balance, you will surely find windsurfing the perfect relaxing activity.

Sailing on a catamaran.
Sailing on a catamaran lets you escape for an idyllic moment onto the ocean.   Cutting through the waves with the help of the wind you will feel free as a bird. It is your opportunity to glide silently, in harmony with nature and its powers. If you have never done it before our sailing lessons can introduce you to the basic techniques.

A free hour of sea kayaking
Yes, you read that right. In most Dressel Divers destinations a free hour of sea kayaking is part of the hotel all-inclusive packages managed by Dressel Divers. Imagine paddling through crystal clear waters, exploring mangrove and picturesque turquoise lagoons while enjoying the warm sunshine and refreshing breezes. Those are some of the appeals of kayaking, without forgetting that practicing this water sport activity you will also give yourself a real workout.

Motor water sports activities, special for speed lovers:
Go jet skiing, one of the water sports activities offering a holiday ride to remember!                         
This kind of aquatic motorbikes is also called boater cycles, wave runners, or jet skis. But it does not really matter! The most important thing is that you can ride on the water at challenging speeds. A very fun, exciting, and fresh experience to enjoy a vacation with action. In addition, no formal initiation is needed for vacation jet skiing. Just a good briefing pointing out the important things. That’s easy!

Banana ride, fun for the entire family.
If there are exciting water sports activities, maybe the funnier for children and adults is a banana ride.

The banana boat driver glances back with a broad grin.  Laughter and shrieks of excitement fill the air. Suddenly the roar of engines fill the air and the banana cuts through the ocean among a rainbow spray of water.

Just a single piece of advice for banana riders. Come prepared to get wet and to leave with a smile on your face and memories that last a lifetime!

There are water sports activities that are enjoyed in the air.
Undoubtedly, we are talking about parasailing. It is the moment to take off and rise up in the sky, far above the turquoise Caribbean waters. It is your opportunity to fill your eyes with spectacular views, and your photographic camera with unforgettable pictures.

Enjoy a single ride or share the adventure with a friend or loved one with a tandem flight. Are you ready to fly?


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