Feels like the Maldives, Luxury H Island in the Thousand Islands

Have you been to the island in the Maldives? The Maldives has become a trending hotspot for travel. Every resort lies on its own secluded private island, where swaying palms fringe coral lagoons and pale blue water lap sugar-white sands. The Maldives is considered one of the beautiful romantic destinations in the world. However, going to the Maldives can be an expensive trip. If you happen to live in Jakarta, Indonesia, there is another option for island traveling.

H Island is an island located in the Thousand Islands in Jakarta, Indonesia. For traveler island lovers and beautiful beaches domiciled in Jakarta's capital city, the Thousand Islands can be a destination. The Islands initiated by the government as a particular economic area or Keke also have the beautiful H or H Island island like the Maldives. But it's not just beautiful and similar to the Maldives, the island of H is also very luxurious and private. It is known that the original island H has the name of the Central Island. But after being bought by the owner, Hengky Setiawan, in 2012 ago, his name was replaced so H Island. This blog post will discuss H Island and why this can be an excellent destination for travelers who travel in Jakarta, Indonesia. 

About H Island

The island of H's charm can captivate the hearts of tourists because the panorama is not inferior to the Maldives. You must already know how the natural beauty of Maldives has, right? To be able to enjoy the beauty, you don't need to go far to the Maldives. Because Indonesia also has a place that is no less beautiful, namely a thousand islands.


At first, the island was made only for the owner of this island. He felt rather futile if the island was not well utilized, then he looked for opportunities for a business. He made the manner as a resort, where he sold various villas on this island to live in.


With an area of ​​10 hectares, the island of H has 42 villas. The price of a villa is sold at Rp. 11 billion per unit with a maintenance cost of the Villa every month is charged Rp. 11.5 million. Each Villa on this island has the same size, with each swimming pool in it. When you want to relax for a moment, you can enjoy the sea's view off because each Villa is right overlooking the beach.


The island of H is increasingly being appointed with various kinds of colorful blooming flowers adorning this island. Not only that, but the island was also filled with multiple shady and green trees, making this island delicious to see the eyes of the visitors.


Uniquely, there is one thing that makes this island different from other islands. The island makes preservation of sharks, which reaches up to 150. The island owner made this preservation intending to prevent the extinction of animals at sea.


If you want to play on the beach, don't worry. On this island, various rides are various rides such as banana boat and jetski. Plus, there is a much wider swimming pool compared to the swimming pool in each Villa.


Unfortunately, this Villa is not for rent, and indeed the price of the Villa offered is very expensive. Who can come are the Villa's owner, relatives of the Villaar at the invitation of the island owner.

Why Travel to H Island?

Traveling to H Island can save expenses during the holidays. The Thousand Islands is indeed a destination that saves a lot of natural beauty. You don't have to travel all the way to the Maldives to experience a similar feeling. H Island has many similarities to the island in the Maldives. If you are on a budget and would like to travel, H Island is an excellent vacation choice.

Activities on H Island

Visiting private islands must make you confused; what can be done on this island? With complete facilities, you can enjoy the atmosphere and panoramic view of the beautiful H island. Like the island in other Thousand Islands, where H also has a beautiful beach and is equipped with various supporting facilities.


While enjoying the charm of the island of H, you can try all the playground facilities on the beach, starting from Jetski to Banana Boat. Even though there are no other rental places, the Watersports facility can already complement your vacation on the beach. You will only find cleaning and security officers on the beach.


Also, you will find shark captivity that has a collection of up to 150 stunning sharks. You will get knowledge about marine biota after visiting this private island. With the existence of sea breeding facilities, it makes us know that the owner of the island of H has a concern for the environment, including marine biota.


If you want to do more relaxed activities, you can take advantage of the Buddy CAR facility to surround H Islands with an area of ​​around 10 ha. It doesn't take a long time to surround every corner of the island. Because it is indeed a small size, so you can enjoy the charm of H Island within a few minutes.

Exclusive Event on Island H

As mentioned that H islands have not been opened in general for tourists. But for those looking for exclusive places for weddings, there's nothing wrong with renting the whole island full of this charm. In addition to a wedding, you can rent this island for other exclusive events, such as Honeymoon, family meetings, and so on.


The beautiful H island charm certainly makes you have to set aside a large enough budget to rent it. But, guaranteed you will never be disappointed with the natural panorama and facilities provided on the island. Because it is a private island, the owner must have provided pampering facilities and can support your exclusive events.


Facilities in the form of a multi-purpose building for the event you can get from this island, especially with complete facilities, such as sound systems. There is also a villa as an inn with living room facilities, kitchen, full air conditioning bedroom, hot shower, home theater, sound system, and more.


With the charm of the fantastic H island, you can take advantage of the facilities available on this island, such as swimming pools, Buddy Cars to outdoor areas that will make you feel at home play and download. So, whatever the event you will hold here, almost all facilities are well available for the event's smooth running.

So How Do You Go to H Island?

This uninhabited island has a quiet atmosphere, especially if you visit one or two people. Unless you really want a calm atmosphere, like for Honeymoon, this is a more pleasant atmosphere. However, it's good to visit a group of people, so that the holidays feel more satisfying and crowded.


Yes, H Island is indeed a private island for wealthy individuals that own a villa in H Island. But worry no more, Jakarta Yacht Club offers a service for anyone who wants to rent a villa in H Island. By simply chartering the yacht offered in Jakarta Yacht Club, you can go to this private island as well. This is an excellent spot for anyone who would like to host a party at H Island. 


Renting a villa at H Island can be quite pricy, so it is better to invite many people at the same time to enjoy the charm of H Island. This way, the costs incurred for each person are smaller. So, you can save money and feel a vacation on the private island, which is still maintained by its authors without reducing existing facilities.

Bottom Line

After reading this blog post, we hope readers are informed about H Island. This island is an excellent destination for anyone who wants to travel. You don't have to spend a lot of money to experience the feeling of Maldives' Islands. Contact one of the Jakarta Yacht Club staff, and you can plan out your vacation in no time. We offer several options of yachts to choose from. We guarantee you will experience a great vacation when traveling to H Island. So don't wait too long, and book a yacht from Jakarta Yacht Club now!


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