Why Books With Us?

We are an independent yacht charter company with no affiliation to any yacht holiday charters or groups, so we can offer a totally impartial opinion on everything available.

For yachts from 40 ft to 100ft, we travel to Indonesia to see the yachts and meet the crews to make sure we find you the right yacht.

We keep updated on all the available special offers and always strive to get our clients the best possible deal. We do not charge you a fee, so using us allows you to use our in-depth knowledge of the industry without adding anything to the cost.

Our background as a professional charter yacht crew means we truly understand what you are looking for. We offer a personalized service that will give you a completely bespoke experience and can assist in deciding where to go, which yacht to choose, and who to look after you in a way that only people who have experienced what you are looking for can.

We know the tiny touches that change a holiday from being just wonderful to being truly Sublime. Call us to find out more about how you can book a yacht.


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