7 Reasons Why You Should Experience an Island Vacation

Our travel itch takes us to all sorts of places: historic, forests, and mountains. But in reality, our wandering soul craves for the discovery of the islands, isn't it? Surrounded by a mysterious aura, the islands cast a magical spell on the travelers. From exotic flora and fauna to turquoise-blue ocean and mesmerizing sunset views to moon-lit walks on the beach - an island holiday will reward you with incredible memories.

Many people are dreaming about an island vacation. Of course, different tourists might dream about other islands, but they all dream or plan an island vacation at some point. But, do you ever wonder why this is something that so many people are doing? While traveling by plane does seem more convenient in some situations, traveling by sea is an experience that truly cannot be rivaled. In this article, I will explain why traveling to an island is an experience you should do in your lifetime.

1. Feel Free Like a Bird.

When you're on an island, try doing this - close your eyes and take a deep breath. This will help you in experiencing the flavors of an island in the true sense. You'll hear the music of the ocean, feel the soft sand beneath your feet while the cool sea breeze gushes through your hair. It will instantly make you feel light and kindle the sense of freedom.


One of the best reasons for traveling by sea is the view. Imagine yourself standing on the deck, looking at the water all around you, with their natural sound bursting your ears and the fantastic fresh air to breathe.

2. De-stress Your Mind and Body.

The sight of the sea is like meditation - it relaxes your mind and body. You feel rejuvenated and fresh. According to studies, the sound of the waves calms your soul, and the healthy vibes of the island revitalize your heart, brain, and other organs. It awakens the child in you, and in turn, you indulge in fun-filled activities.

3. Brace Yourself and Enjoy Watersports.

If you love water activities and adventures, then island vacations are for you. There is never a shortage of on-water activities on islands. This is because the island is surrounded by water. Different water activities, great weather, and the ocean. What more would you want to have? You will even find some water activities that you might not have tried before. Thus, making your holiday fun and interesting. On the beach, you can just relax and enjoy the sun, or you can go out and take a swim in the ocean or enjoy the underwater activities as well.


There are many reasons why island holidays are so popular. And, this is something that you should consider if you have never been to an island. There are so many things that you can do and enjoy that it will end up one of the best holidays you ever had. The only problem that you might have is choosing the right island for your holiday. There are so many great island destinations to choose from.


An island holiday is incomplete without a scuba-diving or snorkeling experience. The crystal-clear waters will tempt you to take a dip in the sea. Get up close and personal with the rich-marine life; the thrilling moments of this adventurous sport will remain with you forever. You can also pamper yourself at a spa and relax your muscles.

4. Ocean-view From the Comforts of Your Room.

Island trips are quite popular among honeymooners. You can indulge in luxurious accommodations and spoil your partner with choices. Without stepping out of your room, you'll feel close to the sea. Enjoy in-room dining, savoring scrumptious cuisines with your loved one, and create exciting memories for a lifetime.


With most tropical islands, you will find the most beautiful scenery. If you love nature and love seeing something beautiful you will not see anywhere else, then an island holiday is a must. Most of the time, you can see the ocean for miles on end. Green mountains, the blue sea, and white beaches. The perfect holiday destination for everyone. Every island has its own beauty, and you will never get tired of seeing the beauty of these places.

5. Great Weather Most of the Time.

This is the great thing about island vacations. Most of the islands are tropical destinations. Meaning that they have excellent weather conditions that are perfect for hot summer holidays. Most people are looking for holidays to get some sunshine and some great outdoor activities to enjoy. And, at this type of destination, this is precisely what you are going to get.

6. Boats can be a Whole Lot of Fun.
Sailing or cruising is almost always an adventure. There is a near infinity of things to see in the shortest trip. Even if you are traveling a route you've done before, it will be different; different weather, seasons, and traveling companions. Depending on the ocean you travel to, you might see icebergs, palm trees, penguins, or parakeets.
If you haven't traveled much outside of your homeland, you might find the thought of organizing a foreign holiday daunting. Then there are the issues of language and understanding a different culture.
Your first sea travel comes with accommodation travels with you; any excursions to dry land will be managed by an experienced guide, and there'll be staff on hand to help with any issues. If you are lucky enough to be on a yacht or a sailing boat, the physical excitement can be even more. The boat's motion will be exaggerated, and if the wind picks up, the speed will be exhilarating. If you are actively involved in sailing the vessel, you can expect to be very active at times, especially if you are flowing into the wind.

7. Traveling by Sea is a Great Way of Socializing.
It is effortless to get to know people if you are in the same boat for two weeks. The proximity and the shared experience make it a breeze to get talking to your fellow voyagers. People on vacation in new surroundings are generally more open to others in any case.
Most of us don't go cruising alone; we go with friends and family. The time together can create some extraordinary memories and help cement those relationships.

Bottom Line.
I hope this article can convince readers why they should try to go for an island trip. It's totally a different experience if you never have the chance to do it once yet. Traveling through seas instead of roads has its own advantages and is also considered one of the most relaxing ways to travel. Jakarta Yacht Club can help you accommodate your island trip vacation. For more information, you can simply contact one of Jakarta Yacht Club's staff, and they will be happy to help you arrange your perfect vacation. Contact Jerome (+62) 878 8522 8039 for more information!


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