Why You Should Go To Pulau Macan (Tiger Island) For Your Vacation

Are you bored living in the city of Jakarta? Do you want to travel to a place away from all the street traffics and experience the sea environment? One wouldn't guess that only two hours by speedboat from the urban metropolis that is Jakarta, you'd find such a gorgeous and pristine place. I'm talking about 
Pulau Macan (Tiger Island), which is a true gem.
If you are a lover of nature tourism with a calm and private atmosphere, Tiger Island deserves to be included in the list of areas to be visited on your next vacation. Pulau Macan (Tiger Island) presents a unique concept compared to other islands in the Thousand Islands region. The eco-resort concept offered gives this island an added value among tourists. In this blog post, I will explain why Pulau Macan is an excellent destination if you live in Jakarta. There are many exciting activities you can do on that island. Moreover, I will explain how you can get to this island.

Comes with Complete Accommodation.
On this island, there are accommodation facilities with nuances that will bring you to one with nature. There are several cottages with wood nuances and natural names that you can choose from, such as Sunset Hut, Red Brick, Eco Wood, Drift Wood, and Tent. The names of these cottages certainly remind you of natural elements such as bricks, wood, sunset atmosphere, and the atmosphere of an open tent.

Accommodation made of wood brings warmth and strengthens the feel of the eco-resort that was built. Yes… this wooden accommodation is more natural with an open concept to relax and enjoy the surrounding scenery while at the inn.

Exciting Activities!
Pulau Macan (Tiger Island) comes with many exciting activities you can do when you are there. For example, one top activity you can do is snorkeling. This is a mandatory activity when you visit Pulau Macan. It doesn't feel complete if you've been to the Thousand Islands without trying snorkeling; it's like eating vegetables without salt, aka tasteless. Yup, snorkeling is one of the exciting activities that can make your vacation even more memorable!
Every afternoon around 3 o'clock, you will be invited to snorkel to the nearest lagoon. Seeing the beauty of coral reefs and marine animals is certainly not to be missed. The clear sea water allows you to freely enjoy the underwater scenery! No need to worry because snorkeling facilities are usually included in the tour package or stay package. Just sit back, let the boat take you to the snorkeling spot, and happy diving!

Apart from snorkeling, you can also try another water activity; canoeing. Yup, at high tide, you can paddle a canoe to Little Tiger Island. You can also go around using a canoe around this Tiger Island. It's definitely fun and exciting!

Moreover, are you interested in exploring the beauty of the deep sea? You can try scuba diving. Later, you will be taken by speedboat to several spots suitable for diving. You can meet directly with coral reefs and beautiful small fish under the sea. Once you dive into the beauty of the sea, you will feel like you are in another world full of magic! Of course, it can be a memorable refreshing experience. If you're not used to diving, don't worry! Near the island, there is also a decompression chamber, a recovery area for divers who experience symptoms due to changes in water pressure.

Exploring the island is another great activity you can do when you visit Pulau Macan. Maybe you're wondering, what's on this island? Answer your curiosity by trekking around the island! Yup, you can go around the Little Tiger Island and see the beauty that is on the island. In Pulau Macan, no motorized vehicles are available because they aim to reduce pollution and carbon. You can find out the charm of this island by cycling.
Last but least, you can just enjoy the relaxation in Pulau Macan. Big Tiger Island does not have sand. However, you can enjoy a vast and beautiful stretch of sand on Tiger Island. Of course, there is no boredom to stare at the beach. While waiting for the sun to set, you can go around the beach, swim or play in the soft sand of the beach. Release all stress while listening to the beach breeze and the sound of the waves, making you feel more at home. You can also bring a hammock and tie it to the trees around the beach. Choose the best position so you can see the fantastic charm of the beach.

How to visit Pulau Macan (Tiger Island)?
Before visiting, don't forget to make a reservation first! This island is a private island with a limited daily visitor quota, so you can't come anytime (especially if the quota is full).
In addition, all the facilities here are owned by the island manager. So, if you want to use the water sports facilities or other facilities here, you have to get a permit or buy a tour package at a tour agency that has worked with the manager!
Make sure you buy through tiket.com! Yes, a trusted travel agent and always ready to accompany your trip anytime! For more information, you can simply contact one of Jakarta Yacht Club's staff, and they will be happy to help you arrange your perfect vacation. Contact Jerome (+62) 878 8522 8039 for more information!

Bottom Line
After knowing this island is really awesome, you definitely want to go on vacation right away. Contact Jerome (+62) 878 8522 8039 and immediately set a date for a holiday. Take your family and friends to explore beautiful beaches and create unforgettable memories! It's time to bond and enjoy quality time with loved ones. I guarantee you will have a fantastic experience. So don't procrastinate anymore, and contact us now!


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