My Dream Super Yacht: Palmer Johnson DB9

I love big yachts! However, there is one particular superyacht that I love the most. This is my dream yacht, and it's something that is on my wish list. I can't afford to purchase one now because my family is not financially at that level to own something magnificent like this. This requires someone to be on the billionaire list before being able to afford to own it. Anyways, let me introduce the superyacht I'm talking about.  

The yacht is called Palmer Johnson DB9. It is a superyacht launched on July 13, 2010. DB9 was the first of the new range of Palmer Johnson yachts designed to be futuristic, sleek, sporty, and full of volume. Designed by Italian studio Nuvolari & Lenard, DB9's eye-catching exterior is paired with an elegant modern interior.


Setting new standards of comfort and luxury, her highlights include a full-beam master suite, three separate pool areas, plus a fabulous open-air cinema on the sundeck. With accommodation for 12 guests across her five luxurious staterooms, DB9's layout is both spacious and versatile for an exceptional charter experience. In this article, I'm going to mention why this superyacht is incredible and why this yacht makes it the dream yacht I want to own in the future. Moreover, I'm going to talk about my plan of owning one in the future.

Tons of Accommodation.

DB9's interior layout sleeps up to 12 guests in 5 rooms, including a master suite, 2 double cabins, 2 twin cabins, and 2 Pullman beds. She can also carry up to 11 crew onboard to ensure a relaxed luxury yacht experience: timeless styling, beautiful furnishings, and sumptuous seating feature throughout to create an elegant and comfortable atmosphere.


Upon boarding the yacht's swim platform, guests are immediately greeted by a vast main deck aft, complete with a comfortable lounge area aft and a sizable al fresco dining space. Inside the main deck lounge, large picture windows line the room, and fold-out balconies on both the port and starboard sides lend to a relaxingly modern yet minimalist interior.


A double guest cabin is located in the formal dining area and is complete with an en suite bathroom and day bed. Two queen-sized double cabins are located amidships on the lower deck aft, and two twin cabins, each with Pullman berths, are located on the lower deck forward. A private stairwell and lobby lead to the vast full-beam master suite equipped with large windows and enhanced by a walk-in wardrobe and generous en suite bathroom.


Many sought-after amenities can be found on the yacht's exterior decks. A sizable saltwater pool is located on the foredeck, and a jacuzzi can be found on the sun deck. Those looking to unwind after a long day of exploration on the water can enjoy a movie under the covered lounge on the sun deck or relax on the sun pads aft.


DB9's impressive leisure and entertainment facilities make her the ideal charter yacht for socializing and entertaining family and friends. I believe this yacht is just perfect for entertaining family members and friends to travel in the ocean.

Impressive Performance!
Palmer Johnson DB9 comes with a 2 x 
MTU 16V 4000 M93L Engine, and it can go at a maximum speed of 31 knots. This is very impressive for a yacht this size. The vessel is 52.4m (170ft) which is not tiny at all. Most boats that are big in size can't go that fast.


DB9 is built with an Aluminium hull and Aluminium superstructure. She features an ultra-modern stabilization system to reduce the roll motion effect and ensure the ultimate comfort throughout my sea travel vacation.

Why is Palmer Johnson DB9 My Dream Yacht?

I have seen many superyachts on the Internet. However, there is something about Palmer Johnson DB9 that makes it unique from other superyachts in the market. Even though there are plenty of yachts that are way bigger than Palmer Johnson DB9, but I love this one the most. The design and structure of this yacht look so modern and stylish. Even though this is a private yacht, but the look of it makes it feel like it's a battleship. The feeling of cruising on a yacht like this one feels as if I am going to a battle. The first time I see this yacht on YouTube, I fell in love with it in an instance. I know this is the yacht I want to own one day in the future.

My Plan to Purchase Palmer Johnson DB9!

Owning a yacht like this requires a lot of money. I have researched yacht brokers on the Internet and found out I can actually purchase one if I have the money for it. The cost of this yacht built in the year 2016 is around $32,000,000. This amount is not something my family can afford to pay at the current moment. It requires someone to have at least a billion-dollar net worth before purchasing a toy like this yacht. However, this doesn't stop my ambition of wanting to own one in the future.

I used the depreciation calculator and found out that I can purchase this yacht for $5,000,000 20 years from now. This uses an assumption of a 5% annual depreciation from the original price now of $32,000,000. 20 years towards the future, I'm confident that my family can afford to purchase something like this without a problem. By delaying our gratification, my father can compound his wealth for another two decades or more. This strategy is similar to what my father did with the yachts he owns now (Azimut 80 & Sunseeker Manhattan 74). If he bought the yachts he owned now when he was not financially ready, our family wouldn't be economically successful as we are today. We probably won't be as wealthy as we are today, and in fact, we might actually go broke owning and maintaining yachts that depreciate in value over time.

Wrapping It Up!

I hope this article I wrote inform readers about the magnificent Palmer Johnson DB9 yacht. I hope readers can understand why I think this yacht is the perfect yacht to own if you are very wealthy. Even though there are many other bigger superyachts in the market, the Palmer Johnson DB9 is something I like the most. The sleek and modern design is so eye-catching that I fell in love in an instance the first time I saw it on the Internet.


Hopefully, years ahead of working hard and building wealth, I can one day afford this yacht in the future. I'm very confident that I can afford to purchase one 20 years in the future. This is because the cost of the yacht probably had depreciated so much that it lets me afford to buy it. Let's see if I can purchase this yacht in the future. I already came up with a name for this yacht if I own it one day. I'm going to name the yacht Valencia! Don't ask me why I want to name the yacht with that name. All I can say is that the name is special to me. And calling that name on my dream yacht is just perfect.


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